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Produce outstanding solventless rosin at scale with the Triminator TRP Stack Commercial Rosin Press. Preserve terpenes with the revolutionary Rosin TRP Stack features multiple food-grade aluminum platens for faster production and patented Easy Pivot™ drip technology for terpene-rich, high-quality rosin.

Triminator’s innovative rosin press technology makes it easy for you to turn your product into market-leading rosin and concentrate.

Preserve Terpenes

Maintain valuable terpenes by pressing rosin at higher pressure and lower temperatures. Because flower contains many volatile low-temperature terpenes, the lower the press temperature, the higher the terpene retention and the more flavourful and potent your rosin. The TRP Stack allows you to press at ultra-low temperatures thanks to its industry-leading 25 Ton design.

Faster, Higher Yield Returns

Extract more from your organic material with the TRP Stack. The increase in rosin produced means more dollars extracted from the same harvest and labor. The vertically stacked 6×10 IN / 15×25 CM platens offer more pressing space, providing the versatility to produce at both craft and commercial scales with any input material.

The large platen size provides the highest level of versatility. Smaller, narrower bags can be placed along the edge, while larger bags can be positioned throughout the platens for larger squeezes.

The patented multi-platen system allows for twice the pressing area with the same consistent pressure, offering commercial-scale production with craft product quality. The result is that the TRP Stack Rosin Press is capable of cranking out large amounts of rosin with its intense pressure and large plate size.

Pure Concentrate

Because it’s solventless, you can create a high-quality product unadulterated by chemicals and foreign substances. The TRP Stack has several pump options to accommodate your facility and workflow. Our most popular pump option, the hand pump provides the greatest feedback loop for the operator, making it perfect for craft producers and commercial operations who are constantly experimenting with multiple strains or combinations.

The Air Hydraulic foot pump is an excellent choice for production environments running multiple presses since a single large compressor can operate an entire room of presses when sized correctly.

Customers that purchase Rosin Presses with an air hydraulic pump will need an external source of compressed air and should position the compressor in another room when possible to reduce the impact of the compressor noise on the operator. Pumps must be purchased in addition to the press.

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