FloraFlex – Tee 4mm LONG ROCKET DRIPPERS (6 Pack)

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The 6” Long Rocket Drippers have rocket wings to add to the stability inside of the media and are great for indoor or outdoor use. Connect multiple plants on one line or be creative by utilizing the double barbed feature of the T.

Deliver water and nutrients straight to the root zone of your plants with the subsurface design, which allows the drops to fall 1 1/4” below the surface and dispense out of the three slots at its bottom.

Eliminates algae and use of pesticides by keeping the top of the media dry.

  • 1/4” barbed nozzle.
  • 4 GPH (or 1 – 2 GPH) / 10 – 50 PSI.
  • Self-Cleaning, pressure compensating torturous path.
  • Color coded for easy recognition.
  • Snap & Pop Technology
  • Reusable.
  • BPA & Lead Free & plastic.

      Product Code: FloraFlex – Tee 4mm LONG ROCKET DRIPPERS (6 Pack)