FloraFlex – 6″ Single Use Floracap

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Place the revolutionary Single-Use FloraCaps™ on your 6” Rockwool cubes and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle. Strategically designed slots block light while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plants. The Single-Use FloraCap™ was designed with the vegetative state in mind but has proven a worthy tool for the avid top feeder throughout the flowering stage as well.
Eliminates algae and the use of pesticides by covering the media.
  • Two holes for insertion of 1/4″ tubing.
  • Strategically designed slots on both top and bottom folding parts.
  • Designed to direct all water and nutrients to your plant.
  • Can be recycled after use, or carefully cleaned and reused.
  • Stackable.
  • BPA and lead-free plastic.


Product Code: FloraFlex – 6″ Single Use Floracap