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Introducing the HI-PAR Understorm LED. This is the most advanced under-canopy horticultural lighting technology available.
The Understorm is a powerful 200w, versatile LED fixture that delivers high-efficiency full-spectrum light directly into the canopy.

The Understorm LED enhances both vegetative and floral growth. The HI-PAR Understorm LED can be used for under-canopy, inter-row, side lighting, or top lighting, making it a perfect solution for every growing setup. Understorm is built for durability with an IP65 rating and rugged housing, it ensures long-lasting performance.

Bring the Understorm into your garden!

HI-PAR Understorm LED Specifications:

  • 200w LED / 220-240v ( 1010mm x 95mm x 35mm ) 2.9kg
  • 2.52 μmol (micromole/joule) efficiency
  • >507 μmol PPF – IP65 Rating
  • Light Angle >120°
  • Designed for under, side or top lighting use.
  • Compatible with HI-PAR CONTROL Station
  • Fixed or remote driver option.


Box Contents:

1 x HI-PAR 200w LED
1 x HI-PAR 200w Driver
2 x Tripod stands
1 x Power cable
2 x Light Hangers
2 x Eyelet Hang Points
2 x Threaded screws
1 x Allen Key


Compatible with HI-PAR Understorm Manual Dimmer, HI-PAR Digital Control Station V2, HI-PAR Connect Cable LED to LED 5M

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