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The Avert Foil Fresh Bag is our latest odour-locking and fresh sealing zip-lock bag. Taking the classic zip-lock bag to the next level, the foil fresh bag uses mylar aluminium to provide the safest, most hygienic and smell proof resealable bag on the market! When packaging users can ‘iron shut’ the bag to ensure long term storage and zero leaks.
Users can later tear off the ironed seal and use the bag as a deluxe zip-lock bag.

• Airproof / moisture proof
• Viewing window for product inspection
• Mylar aluminium foil laminates prevent smell and taste from permeation
• Consumers can reseal to keep its smell and taste inside for multiple consumption

1lb / 460gram = 356 x 420mm
1 0z / 28grams = 152 x 228mm
3.5 grams = 89 x 140mm

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Weight 0.058 kg
Dimensions N/A

1LB/460G, 1oz/28G, 3.5G

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