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Say good bye to residuals and odours when combating bugs with a Optic Foliar EVIOS. A new style of natural bug spray that utilizes non traditional plant extracts to make your garden pest free. Our non oil based no odour solutions combats a wide variety of pests while also allowing you to apply in full sunlight without having to spray the undersides of leaves. The only late stage flower safe solution.



  1. For each liter of water:
    • Add 10 ml/ 2 teaspoon of EVIOS & 7.5 ml/ 1.5 teaspoon of TRANSPORT.
  2. For each gallon of water:
    • Add 40 ml /8 teaspoon of EVIOS & 30 ml / 6 teaspoon of TRANSPORT.
  3. Do not Ph adjust solution
  4. Shake and spray weekly or as needed.


Usage Notes:

  • No need to Ph solution
  • Can be applied lights on
  • Make sure to turn off fans before spraying
  • Basic PPE is recommended for anyone with sensitive respiratory system
  • Can be mixed and stored long term.
  • Store in a cool dark place away from heat and light.
  • When mixed with Other Optic Foliar products, make sure to mix and use right away.

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250ml, 500ml

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