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This pipette is specifically for the Miron dropper bottle Orion 10 ml – h70, DIN18, PP, black matt, ribbed, black bulb TPE 0.7 ml, ball tip, bent. The Type III series has a ribbed ring and has a tamper-evident cap. Tamper-evident means that they have a plastic ring at the bottom of the cap that breaks after the first time opening. They act as quality control for the customer. An intact ring means the bottle has not been opened before. A dropper also ensures that your product does not get contaminated during use. Indeed, only the drop will touch the specific body part (skin, mouth, etc.) concerned which leaves the pipette intact. A pipette dropper is generally made from three parts: a rubber bulb, a hole cap (the body), and the pipette. The bulb is made out of rubber and controls the dosage. Simply put: The bigger the bulb, the bigger the dosage. This particular bulb has a dosage of 0.7 ml.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 8.5 cm

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