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The success of your harvest can easily be traced back to the early stages of your grow.
If you want the best results, start with the best environment for your clones and seedlings.
Introducing the first custom-tailored environment for cloning from Gorilla Grow Tent—offering industry-leading durability, diamond reflective technology, and optional fully integrated carbon filtration and air circulation to create the perfect optimised environment to achieve faster, healthier rooting and better cloning results than you ever thought possible. CLONE STRONG!

Engineered with GGT’S legendary strength and dependability, Gorilla Clone Tents feature:

  • Featuring the industry’s best industrial-strength zippers for long-term durability
  • Diamond Reflective Technology Lining for optimal light distribution
  • Micro-Mesh Pre-Filters, EZ View Window, and Double-Cinching ducts to create the perfect environment for clones

Now you can clone with the utmost confidence, knowing your precious cuts are rooting in the best possible environment.


60cm x 60cm x 81cm

Additional information

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 84 × 22 × 12 cm

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