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The Fire Ball weights 1.3 Kg +-5% and is a round shape, handy to throw into a fire.
One unit covers and contains fires within a space of 9.12 m3 – the operational effective radius is 1.296 meters and 2 units can cover and contain fires within a space of 18.24 m3 or around 2.592 radius meter.
It is effective in all directions. Its has a shelf life of approximately 5 years.
The Fire Ball can extinguish many different classes or types of fire, including wood, gas, oil, petrol, paper and many more.
When a fire occurs, the Fire ball will self-activate within 3-10 seconds after flame contact, bursting and spreading a dry chemical powder automatically and making an alarm noise of typically around 130-139 dB(A).
The Fire Ball can be installed over high risk areas at approximately 1.5 meter over the item.

For C* class fires (electrical), The Fire Ball can be installed directly over electric items which can not be extinguished by water or sprinkler systems.
The chemicals contained within The Fire Ball are not harmful to humans or the environment and they are certified by standard laboratories from countries all over the world.
The Fire Ball does not contain any harmful chemicals which could affect the environment and is certified under the international standard legislation.
When The Fire Ball activates, it does not damage the property because its explosion is not strong enough.
It is also contained in a protective foam container which is non-CFC and not flammable.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 18.1 × 17.8 × 16.2 cm

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