SG Hydroponic Clay

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Our own hydroponic clay has been designed for consistency in horticultural applications. SG Hydroponic Clay is sourced and made in Germany with clean and modern techniques. We ensure that every batch is certified organic, germ-free and chemically/biologically neutral.

Hydroponic clay can be used as a standalone hydroponic substrate or mixed through coco/soil to provide additional aeration to the root zone!

Clay balls are a perfect hydroponic substrate for those wanting to use recirculating or constant flow systems. They allow the plants roots to firmly grip and absorb nutrients whilst also allowing for a safe and consistent flow of water, without clogging or problems.

  • Provides additional aeration to the root zone
  • Perfect for use in Aquaponics!
  • 50L bag for your convenience
  • Manufactured specifically for medical-grade horticulture, no heavy-metals!
  • Low dust
  • RHP Certified for horticulture
  • The original old school clay balls
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