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The Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit is a quality kit with a low price and high efficiency.
The kit includes a ballast with dimmable output, a Hortivision 600W/240V 2K HPS grow lamp, a super reflector and jack chain to hang the light.

Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit Contents
-1 x Hortivision 600W/240V HPS Electronic Ballast
-1 x 600w/240v HPS Grow Lamp (2K) (The HORTIVISION ALL STAR!)
-1 x Super Reflector

Ballast Features
-Dimmable – 250W – 400W – 600W & Boost
-HPS/MH compatability
-Can fire the new HortiVision 3K CMH Grow Lamp [600W] with the benefit of a longer life and an improved HPS Flowering spectrum

Lamp Features
-600W/240V HPS Grow Lamp (2K)

Reflector Features
The super reflector is comprised of highly reflective German aluminum with textured finish for optimal light diffusion.
– Reflective contour design for maximum PAR output
– Pre-wired with lamp cord and E40 socket
– Heavy duty 3m long reflector cable
– Reflector dimensions 47cm x 35cm x 17cm

Additional information

Weight 3.94 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 29 × 17 cm

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