Hortivision 600W Ballast

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Hortivision 600w Ballast is affordable excellence! A powerful, reliable and trustworthy digital ballast with an economical price tag; the Hortivision 600w suits all types of gardens! Our Hortivision 600w Digital Ballast uses premium components in a strong housing to ensure durable longevity, alongside workhorse performance. The Hortivision 600w Digital Ballast can fire all 600w HID lamps. It also features ‘Boost’ mode to give your garden that extra edge!

The Hortivision 600w Digital Ballast operates with:

– Dimmable output (250w, 400w, 600w, BOOST)
– High efficiency
– Soft start
– 220-240v
– 50-60Hz
– Max 3.0A
– 12 Month limited warranty