Econabliss Probiotic

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A probiotic solution for the prevention of pathogenic bacteria, mould and fungi.

Benefits of using Econabliss

Econabliss creates an integral system from early stages of seedlings to post-harvest. This Eco-system prevents Pathogenic diseases and gets the best result of your investment. We use a probiotic technology that works on a microscopic level and repetitively releases millions of micron sized probiotics to purify the air, water and soil; resuting in a healthy microbiome.

• Restoring ecological balance of the Air (using probiotic spray) and Soil & Water (using probiotic solution)
• Enhancing clean greenhouse/growroom environment
• Preventing and controlling of Oidilio, Mildrew and Botrytis and more
• Organic and environmentally friendly
• Fast Growth
• Enhances Quality

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Solution 250ml, Spray 250ml

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