Current Culture UCXL – 4 Pot Extension Kit

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The Current Culture UCXL – 4 Extension Kit is designed for those who want to add 4 extra pots to their existing UC4XL UnderCurrent system. The UC XL is a 4-site expansion kit to ensure you can advance and grow bigger! See our listing for the Current Culture UC 4 XL Kit here.

The Current Culture UCXL4 is their flagship model for productive systems and includes 4 pots and all required irrigation equipment and supplies. All Current Culture kits are perfectly cut to size, and manufactured for durability.

Learn more at the Current Culture website here.


  • Increased growth rates produce larger overall plants and drastically reduced vegetative times
  • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • Increased efficiency
  • High levels of aeration and constant circulation optimize plants nutrient uptake capacity
  • Conserves water and necessitates less frequent nutrient change-outs
  • Proven Nutrient Formula
    • Our Cultured Solutions premium plant nutrients are custom formulated specifically for the Under Current® system and high-performance hydroponics Cultured Solutions® are pH stable, clean and highly chelated
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • pH, EC/TDS and solution temperatures stay uniform throughout the entire system
  • Easily adaptable to pH/nutrient dosers, top-off reservoirs and water chillers
  • Grower Support
Product Code: Current Culture UCXL – 4 Pot Extension Kit